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About Us










Welcome to the wiki for the development of the Fitzroy High School, Smart Water game project.


The Smart Water game Project is an educational game, for the mobile phone, targeted at secondary students.


The Game aims to provide a fun way to learn about water conservation strategies around the house.


The initiaitive of Fitzroy High School in winning a Smart Water Fund Grant has made this project possible.


Fitzroy High School has enlisted the help of game development Students from Swinburne University who are working with Fitzroy Students to develop the game.



Latest News


Workshop held

July 31- we went to the second workshop today (Thursday) and spent the time doing intensive art development.

Our efforts of today can be viewed on the Art page.




Workshop held

July 25- we went to the workshop yesterday (Thursday) and worked with various game designers, artists and developers.

We will be going back next Thursday, July 31, to get into some serious game development activities.


Workshop Coming Soon

(Thursday, 17 July)

The Fitroy Student Team is planning a trip to Swinburne for a day workshop.  Date to be announced.




Mission One

(Friday, 4th July 2008)

The first mission for the game has been designed. Now we need to implement it. Completing mission one will be a major mile stone.



Wiki Face Lift

(Friday, 4th July 2008)

The Wiki has been redesigned. Hope you like.


-Gavan Hunter

Project Manager - Swinburne Team



Swinburne Mid-Year break

(Friday, 4th July 2008)

The Swinburne University Students are on their mid-year break. This means the Swinburne development team can now focus on developing this project before semester 2 starts on the 11th of August.





Fitzroy High School


Swinburne University


Smart Water Fund


Department of Sustainability and Environment


Our Water Our Future




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